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 Only a few days until Christmas!
Here are a few things to do to get ready for Christmas!
1. Save up, you want to get a gift for your best friend/s or a close family member.
2. Search for some creative things like cards, little gifts or some little jewellery pieces if you’re into jewellery.
3. Ask your friends or family members what they want for Christmas. You can save up to buy them what they want!
On the 30th of November, I love to go to the shops and get an Advent Calendar. Then, I put the Advent Calendar on the end of my bed. Then when I wake up in the morning, I open the flap labelled ‘1’ on it!

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IMPORTANT: This Post is for the Student Blogging Challenge 9


I love Art. Do you? I love different art sites. Here are a few of my favourites:




~ Paint (located in ‘start’ if you’re using Windows)


Remember: If you are unsure on how to get to these sites, ask a parent/guardian or teacher.


Question of the day:


What’s your favourite thing to do on the computer?


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It’s the spookiest day of the year, Halloween! Did you go Trick or Treating? I didn’t because I had a cold. I’ve never been Trick or Treating, how much fun would it be!


Some people came to Trick or Treat. They dressed up as things like monsters, aliens, mummies and other creepy things!



Comment if you dare, to say what you saw people dress up as, and what was the scariest costume! So if you are brave enough, comment. You might scare yourself talking about spooky costumes!


Stay posted Halloween fans,


Oakli 🙂


Everyday, millions of children go to school hungry. I made a short clip of a girl whose Mum can’t afford breakfast. Here is the clip: For the Blog – Hunger by oakli

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!


Millions of kids are like that innocent girl. We can help stop this by donating to sites who help children who do not get enough food, or even by sponsoring kids ourselves. Many of these kids who go to school hungry are orphans. These children have to take care of themselves.

Student Blog Challenge 6 – Global Issues

An’s Blog

Hi everyone,


As you might know already, I have a best friend named An. She has been very passionate about blogging, she is very smart and is just so kind and funny! So, she has made a blog! Here’s the link:



You can see An’s Blog on my blogroll and I hope you will be interested in reading about An’s awesome life! Have fun reading it!


Dancing Competition!

As you might know, I’m in a dancing competition! It’s tomorrow and I’m really excited! It’s my first ever competition!


I hope I have lot’s of fun, and do well. I don’t care if I don’t get 1st. Or even last. All it matters is that I have a good time.


Take a look to see what style I’m competing in.



I really hope I do well!
I’ll get back to you on how I went!

Bling this Blog up!

I was thinking. Maybe we should bling this blog up! It makes blogs more exciting! It’s so fun to bling blog’s up! So if you see any pretty changes on the blog, it will because I’m making this blog sparkle!



So let’s start making this blog stand out from the crowd!



Stay posted,



Queen Victoria Market!

On Tuesday, my class and I went to the Queen Victoria Market! I have so much stuff to tell you about it! We saw cheese, fruit and vegies, jewellery, we even saw a puppy!


When we went on the bus, I sat next to An. We talked about what we thought we were going to see, what we would buy and so much more awesome stuff! I loved it! It didn’t really feel like one and a half hours, it felt like ten minutes!


When we got off the bus, we went to the Deli part of the Market. We saw some ‘yuck’ things like a pig’s head and pigs hanging upside down – disgusting!


Then we went into the Cheese part. We saw massive blocks of cheese but of course An and I loved the chocolate part! There were blocks of chocolate that looked so delicous, but we had to have some lunch.


After some lunch, we went to the Jewellery part. I wanted everything! Everything was so pretty and colourful but I couldn’t buy anything.


Then we went to the fruit and vegies part. There were Blood Oranges and when I tried a free sample, it was very sweet! I love sweet food! They’re called Blood Oranges because unlike normal oranges, inside, they are red, not orange.


Then we had to leave the giant market. But we had lots of fun. We were talking the whole way back to school, then we played games at school.


It was a really fun day. I loved the jewellery part. But of course An loved the chocolate part.


Bye for now,


Oakli 🙂